Top 5 Best Lightweight Kayak Paddle of 2021!

best lightest kayak paddle reviews

Top 5 Best Lightweight Kayak Paddle - 2021!

All nature and adventure lovers are fond of kayaking. Over the years it has become an immensely popular sport among adventure junkies.

But you can’t just expect to start kayaking without the proper kayaking equipment. You will need a kayak paddle if you are planning to kayak. It is an essential tool used for maneuvering a kayak.

The lightweight the kayak paddle, the easier it is to control your kayak. On the internet, you will find a ton of suggestions on kayak paddles. 

But getting the right one to fit your kayaking needs is a tiresome task indeed. 

This article was written by us to make that task easier for you. In this article, we have thoroughly reviewed some of the best lightweight kayak paddles that are available in the market right now. 

We have done the homework for you, so rest assured that you will not be disappointed. 

So let’s start without any further delay.

1. Seattle Sports Seawhisper Carbon Kayak Paddle

Editor’s Choice

Seattle Sports Seawhisper Carbon Kayak Paddle Review

The Seattle Sports Seawhisper is a mixture of excellent performance and toughness. Carbon fiber makes the overall paddle feel very lightweight.

Apart from the carbon fiber shaft, the exclusive DorselBlade design will definitely be an eye catching feature for you. The blade is constructed from nylon reinforced with impact-resistant glass.

The paddle comes integrated with a hook. This hook can be used to push off a bank, retrieve fishing lines or maintain your position near the dock. 

Water will never drench over your head due to water guards which will work like an umbrella. The water guards also glow in the dark so that you can use the paddle during nighttime.

The paddle comes with a feature that allows you set the paddle at 2 lengths (230cm or 240 cm). 

The blades come with a cam lock which helps you set them at your desired angle. It makes the paddle an overall balanced and relaxed kayak paddle.

Highlighted Features

  • The carbon fiber shaft makes the paddle more durable as well as very lightweight.
  • The paddles DorselBlade design.
  • The ferrule is quick-adjust.
  • The integrated hook allows you to catch floating items and maintain a position near the dock.



The Seawhisper is just the perfect kayak paddle for people on a budget constraint. Its overall build and materials make it one of the best lightweight kayak paddle out there.

2. Aqua Bound Kayak Paddle


Aquabound Sting Ray Kayak Paddle Review

The Aquabound Stingray is what you call a touring kayak paddle. It is actually the best touring kayak paddle there is.

It weighs just about 28 ¾ ounces, making it one of the best lightweight kayak paddle there is.

The 100% carbon fiber shaft helps make it lightweight than other kayak paddles in the market. The blade is made out of carbon-reinforced nylon resin, making it even tougher than paddles with fiberglass blades.

The paddle’s lightweight structure makes paddling feel less like a chore. The paddle is specially constructed for flat lakes or rivers that have a slow stream.

The Posi-Lok ferrule is anti-corrosion and rust resistant. It also provides the user with quite a few feathering angles. 

The shaft will not flex and cause you less strain. Each of your strokes will be powerful enough, and paddling will become incredibly easy.

The paddle is widely available in 5 lengths ranging from 210 cm- 250 cm. 

The Aqua Bound Stingray comes in a 2-piece design, making it very portable and easy to travel with. The paddle flutters very little when you are paddling with force.

Highlighted Features

  • An entirely hand-built product made in the USA.
  • The paddle is available in 5 lengths.
  • 100% carbon fiber shaft.
  • The paddle is anti-corrosion and rust-proof.
  • The blades made out of nylon resin reinforced with carbon.
  • The paddle comes in a 2-piece portable design.



We highly recommend this paddle if you are into a lot of touring. 

The Aquabound Sting Ray has a negligible weight which makes it one of the best lightweight kayak paddle in the market.

3. Shoreline Marine Kayak Paddle Rounded 96

Also Great

Shoreline Marine Kayak Paddle Rounded 96 Review

Number 3 on our list of best lightweight kayak paddle is the Shoreline Marine Kayak paddle.

This paddle has been widely adored by millions of kayaker’s worldwide. It’s due to its unique design and lightweight construct.

This paddle is specially designed for people who have both a brand new kayak with a cheap and freely available kayak paddle. 

This types of paddles are inadequate for kayaking and thus are avoided by most kayakers. Thus they go for the Shoreline Marine kayak paddle. It is entirely entry-level kayak paddle.

You can literally make low angles strokes with the paddle while you are relaxing. It is possible due to its long length of 96 inches. 

The paddle comes in 2-pieces, so it is easy to store it in tight places or take as a travel buddy during your kayaking adventures.

The blade is made of sturdy plastic, and the shaft made from aluminum is totally corrosion resistant. It also makes the paddle very light weight. 

The shaft’s grip is completely covered by foam making your grip more firm and comfy.

Highlighted Features

  • The paddle comes with drip guards which help in not getting wet.
  • The paddle comes with the 3-position system.
  • It comes with a long 96-inch length.
  • The blades are contour molded.
  • The paddle comes with a foam grip for extra comfort.



These paddles are for experienced kayakers who love longer paddles. 

Though being longer than most other kayak paddles, the shoreline has managed to keep this paddle completely lightweight, thus helping it maintain its place in this list of the best lightweight kayak paddle.

4. Werner Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddle-SS-260cm

The Werner Kalliste Carbon Kayak fishing paddle can be considered a highly light kayak paddle. It’s a fishing paddle primarily designed and constructed for fishing purposes.

The Kalliste is Werner’s most sort after and the best low-angle paddle. The blades come in a mid-size. They are constructed with premium quality carbon, making them superbly light in weight.

The blades allow you to rapidly move through the water. The paddles weight a meager 23.5oz due to their foam core blades. 

Its negligible weight makes it perfect for those long tiresome trips. The blades have an asymmetric design almost like a paint brush, allowing the user to perform better strokes. This is what Werner calls a dihedral blade design.

The paddle comes with 2 drip holes that help you keep dry. 

The length is adjustable within a range of 210to 240 cm. The feather angle can be adjusted as well due to the paddle having adjustable ferrule rounds. 

It also allows the blade to go smoothly in and out of the water. The size is just perfect for averagely sized kayakers.

Highlighted Features

  • The paddle comes with a smooth dihedral design for smooth pedaling capabilities.
  • The paddle comes with a 2-piece design for portability.
  • The blades are mid-sized and have a carbon construct.
  • The carbon shaft has a continuous weave.
  • Comes with a low angle design.
  • The blades have Dynel edges



Werner over the years has built a reputation on making the best lightweight kayak paddle in the world. 

The Kalliste is no exception here. It’s an insanely good performing kayak paddle, which will last you a lifetime. This paddle can be considered as a prime example of how god kayak paddles are made.

5. Lightweight Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddle With Oval Shaft


Number 5 on our list of best lightweight kayak paddle is a lightweight carbon fiber kayak paddle from Z&J Sports. 

Though a Chinese company, the overall build, and design of this paddle make it feel and look like American made.

The Kalliste is Werner most sort after and best low-angle paddle. The blades come in a mid-size. They are constructed with premium quality carbon, making them superbly light in weight.

The shaft is oval shaped and has a carbon constructed. The shaft comes with medium and stiff flex. The stiff one is a pretty good choice for sprint racing.

If you want maximum power from every stroke you make, the blades will help you do exactly that. It can be achieved due to the paddle having large winged blades. 

The paddle is so light weight that it is a favorite among women and children.

Covering long distances will cease to be a tiresome task as the paddle will make that a piece of cake.

The paddle comes in 2-pieces, thus is easy to carry with you on long trips. The length is just perfect (10 cm) for kayakers of any age.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with a 2-piece portable design.
  • An oval shaped shaft makes strokes more powerful.
  • Extremely flexible so will never break.
  • Each paddle consists of 90% carbon material.
  • The paddle comes with a medium winged blade perfect for kayak marathons or touring.



Z&J sports have made a lot of kayak paddles over the years that have been sold well in the USA. 

Though a Chinese origin company, they have provided consumers with high-quality products which are on par with the US made kayak paddles. 

Their cheaply priced premium quality products definitely deserved a spot on our list of a best lightweight kayak paddle.

Factors to Consider when buying the best lightweight kayak paddle

Choosing the right Kayak paddle for your kayak is a very tough job indeed. The thousands of types and brands might confuse you.

But if you consider a few factors before buying a kayak paddle, the job becomes incredibly easy.

Plus, you will save a lot of your hard earned money if you follow and consider these factors. The following factors must be considered before buying the best lightweight kayak paddle:

  • The paddling style:

Some kayakers like to row low, and some like to row high. Each kayaker has its unique paddling style. It’s the first thing you have to consider before buying a new kayak paddle. 

You have to determine which method you follow.

Low-angle paddlers usually row by angling their shaft at a comfortable and gradual angle. Their upper hand is positioned below shoulder height.

High angle paddlers usually row by angling the shaft at a steep angle. Their upper hand is positioned above shoulder height.

  • The blade material:

The fin like material on your paddle or the blade can be made from a number of premium quality materials. 

These materials used for making blades range from carbon fiber to polyurethane. Plastic blades will cost you less. Carbon fiber, on the other hand, is a very pricey, but robust material.

  • The paddles length:

all kayakers will use the same paddle length. Always try to consider what your preferred paddle length is, or you might end up with a paddle that is too short for your liking.

  • The shaft material:

A shaft must have some weight to it unlike other parts of the paddle which are light in weight. 

The shaft will allow you to maintain balance. Materials used to build paddle shafts range from fiberglass, aluminum to carbon fiber.

  • The shape of the blade:

Nowadays asymmetrical or dihedral-shaped blades are the thing among most kayakers. But still, some old-fashioned kayakers tend to use symmetrically shaped blades.

  • The type of shaft:

Kayak paddles usually come with a bent or straight shaft, whichever one might prefer.

A bent shaft is perfect for any beginner level kayaker. It is perfect for leisurely paddlers who do not want the shaft to apply too much pressure on their wrists.

A straight shaft is used by more advanced or expert level kayakers. It takes time to get used to straight shafts. It usually takes years of practice. 

They also provide more stroke power and better angling.

  • The type of the kayak paddle:

There are basically 4 types of kayak paddles, they are

Performance paddles:

These are designed for serious paddlers, who want more power and performance out of their kayak paddles.

Touring paddles:

These paddles are, as the name suggests good for touring and provide the user with comfort and durability.

Whitewater paddles:

These paddles can be maneuvered in a number of ways and are also very durable. These paddles are built to tackle the toughest of conditions.

Recreational paddles:

If you are considering having a fun kayaking trip, these are the pedals for you. They can be used for fishing and explore shorelines.


A good kayak pedal is essential to have when you want a perfect kayaking session. 

You will have a hard time paddling your kayak if you end up buying a cheap and low standard kayak paddle. 

The above lists of best lightweight kayak paddle have been compiled with the utmost care and sincerity. None of the paddles reviewed are of low quality. They will satisfy your hunger for good kayaking.

So go ahead and buy any of them without worries. Happy kayaking!!


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