Best Kayak Paddle Under $100

Top 5 best kayak paddle under 100 Dollars

One of the most valuable tools for kayaking is a kayak paddle. You cannot think of having a good kayaking session without a proper kayak paddle.

Using a regular low standard kayak paddle with ordinary blades can bring stress and fatigue to the wrists.

These kinds of paddles also have a chance of breaking if they by any chance hit a rock or by mere water pressure. Most of the time, kayaks come with free paddles, but they are of very cheap quality.

That is why we’ve compiled this list of the Top 5 best kayak paddle under 100 Dollars. 

Top 5 Best Kayak Paddle under $100 - of 2021

Nearly hours and hours of research have gone behind creating this list of reviews for you.

By going through this list, you will easily get the best kayak paddle in the market.

1. Carlisle Predator Fiberglass Paddle - Straight Shaft

Editor’s Choice


The first kayak paddle on our list is the Carlisle Predator fiberglass paddle.

The paddle is available in a number of sizes or lengths, starting from 220cm to 250 cm.

It comes with an urban camo print which also makes it look apart from other kayak paddles.

Both the blades are made of polypropylene reinforced with fiberglass. The shaft is made of premium quality fiberglass. 

The paddle comes with a strong ferrule that stands up even during power strokes. The ferrule comes with three positions which allow the kayaker to feather it at any angle or keep it straight. 

A hook is attached to the left blade, which allows you to retrieve lures that get stuck.

The oblong shape of the shaft makes hand placement feel very comfy and easy. The overall paddle feels very lightweight, though not as light as carbon fiber. 

But fiberglass makes it sturdier than carbon fiber paddles. This is a good fishing paddle for under 100 dollars. 

It is just perfect for both fishing and kayaking purposes. It is a 2-piece paddle, so carrying it around for travel is pretty easy.

Highlight Features

  • 2-piece design allows you to break down the paddle for travel purposes.
  • It has a long length, which is perfect for use with wide fishing kayaks.
  • Urban camo patterned blades give it a distinctive look.
  • A balance between durability and low weight is created by using polypropylene blades reinforced with fiberglass.
  • The fiberglass shaft is very lightweight and comfy in its hands.
  • The hook attached to the left blade allows you to retrieve stuck lures or baits.



This is an overall lightweight and sturdy kayak paddle worth every penny you spent on it. Its premium quality fiberglass construction makes it one of the best.

2. Shoreline Marine Propel Smooth Kayak Paddle



This Propel Smooth kayak paddle by Shoreline Marine was designed to make a kayaker’s experience in the water more relaxing and pleasant. 

The paddle is very lightweight compared to most other kayak paddles out there, usually made of aluminum.

The shaft is made from carbon fiber material and comes with a straight shape. The blades are at a low angle and come with a teardrop shape, making it easy for you to maneuver the boat.

The blades are made of reinforced fiberglass. This makes them extremely light. Premium quality build materials give the paddle enhanced durability. 

The paddle comes with drip guards that help you to save yourself from getting wet. The two-tone black grips make it slip-resistant.

This kayak paddle comes in a 2-piece design, so carrying it around during your fishing trips is very easy. Overall paddle length is also adjustable. Can set The length from 85 up to 89 inches. 

This helps you adjust the paddle to a length that you are comfortable with. 

This paddle allows you to propel through water without any hassle and within a limited time.

Highlight Features

  • The blades are made of reinforced fiberglass, making them easy to maneuver.
  • The shaft is made of carbon fiber, making the overall paddle feel very lightweight in the hands.
  • The two-tone black grip makes the paddle slip-resistant.
  • The tear drop shaped blades have a very low angle.
  • The paddle comes with a 2-piece articulating design.



Propels smooth kayak paddle from Shoreline Marine makes gliding through water easy as pie. It is perfect for both newbies and expert-level kayakers.

3. Cannon Paddles Escape E Kayak Paddle with Black Fiberglass

Also Great

The Escape E Kayak paddle from Cannon is the perfect entry-level kayak paddle. The paddle is just the right fit for any form of kayaking. 

The paddle is very lightweight and provides you with enough power to pull through the heavy flowing water.

The paddle comes with some durable and lightweight blades made out of fiberglass reinforced with black nylon. 

The blades help the kayaker quickly move through rapid tides and provide an enhanced level of stability.

Its shaft is made from aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, which is also heat treated. This adds extreme strength to the overall kayak paddle. 

The grips are oval-shaped, allowing you to get a better grip of the paddle, and it also helps to balance the weight of the paddle. The strength to weight ratio of this paddle is just perfect.

Comes with three offset angle settings for the blade, allowing you to be more comfortable with it while paddling. 

It comes in a 2-piece design for comfy transportation. The paddle is designed to keep kayakers of all ages in mind and not just for hardcore kayakers.

Highlight Features

  • The paddle comes with a 2-piece design for better transportation.
  • The Escape E kayak paddle is made of aircraft grade heat treated anodized aluminum.
  • Black nylon blades reinforced with fiberglass for added strength and durability.
  • The paddle is an entry-level paddle and can be used by both new and hardcore kayakers.
  • Escape E kayak paddle comes with oval-shaped grips for better handling of the paddle.



The Escape E kayak paddle from Cannon is not the lightest option in the world of kayak paddles, but it can be considered the most durable option. 

You will not find the same strength and robust feel on other kayak paddles below 100 dollars.

4. Advanced Elements Compact Touring Kayak Paddle (4 part)


This is the most portable kayak paddle coming from the Advanced Elements line of kayak paddles. 

It is so portable that it can be literally carried around in a burlap bag.

The Advanced Elements Compact Touring Kayak paddle comes in a 4-piece design. It can be disassembled into four different parts for easier carrying or travel. 

The paddle comes with an aircraft-grade aluminum shaft and fiberglass reinforced nylon blades with an asymmetrical shape. 

The dihedral blades are the perfect choice for whitewater kayaking.

The blades are just the right shape for low-angle paddling. The paddle can be used in turbulent waters with ease due to this and can also be used in the sea, where the waves are humongous. 

The blades come with a fixed 60-degree angle.

The blade comes in one single length, which is 231 cm. But the paddle is very lightweight compared to its length. It is just 2.7 pounds in weight. 

Unless you have a very wide kayak, the length should not be that much of a problem when disassembled the paddle packs down to 25 cm.

Highlight Features

  • Portable 4 part design for better carrying and traveling options.
  • Asymmetrical blade design perfect for whitewater kayaking.
  • The paddle is very lightweight and weighs just 2.7 pounds.
  • The paddle comes with a length of 231 cm.
  • 60-degree paddling angle.



If you consider the transportation options for a kayak paddle as the main factor when buying a kayak paddle, this is just the one for you. 

It is within any kayaker’s budget. The Advance Elements compact touring kayak paddle is the best kayak paddle under 100 dollars, with a portable design.

5. Sun Dolphin Oar Assembly (6-Feet)

Sun Dolphin Oar Assembly (6-Feet) Review

Number 5 and the last paddle or paddles in this case on our list are regular boat paddles or oars, but they can also be effectively used as kayak paddle.

The paddles come with an aluminum construction which makes them very durable. The two oars can be used or are compatible with any kayak. 

The oars have a flat design to allow the user to row in any direction. The oars will make your day out in the water more enjoyable and fun.

The paddles have handles that are lightweight and are anti-rust. 

Can use The oars to launch your boat from the dock or as stowaways. The oars can be used from the boat center seat or the rear seat. The oars come with oarlocks included, which is a plus point. 

Both the oars have a 6″ length, perfect for rowing any kind of kayak through a slow-flowing water body.

The oars have been manufactured in the USA, which makes them extremely US weather friendly. 

These oars or paddles will exceed your expectations when it comes to quality kayaks or boat paddles.

Highlight Features

  • The oar set comes with two oars and two oar hooks.
  • Allows you to maneuver your kayak or boat easily.
  • You can row your boat from the center or rear seat of the boat.
  • The aluminum construction makes it very durable and lightweight as well.



These are oars or paddles that will get you to the place you need to be in. 

Their solid aluminum construction makes them a force to be reckoned with in the market.

Things to Consider When Buying a Kayak Paddle

Comfort and safety should be the topmost priorities when buying a kayak paddle. Safety and comfort solely depend on the type and fitness of the kayak paddle you are buying. 

So, you will have to consider a few factors first for choosing and purchasing the kayak paddles. Here they are:

  • Blade Shape:

A well-designed blade is not for only cosmetic purposes. A well-designed blade will also give you the proper performance you always desired. 

Asymmetrically designed blades are the new trend these days when it comes to paddle blade designs. 

This kind of design will allow the kayaker to maneuver the boat more effectively and horizontally without spending too much energy and time.

  • Blade Material:

Blades nowadays are either made of fiberglass or carbon fiber. 

Fiberglass blades are lighter than Carbon fiber blades, but they are not as strong as carbon fiber.

[P.S: To find the best carbon fiber kayak paddle, read this]

  • Length:

There are kayak paddles of different lengths or sizes. Paddle length has to be taken into consideration if you are looking for a good kayak paddle. 

A kayak paddle usually has a length of 200 cm- 260 cm. 

A paddle’s length should match your kayak size as well as your physique size. The pedaling style also plays a huge role when choosing the right paddle length.

  • Shaft:

Most kayakers prefer straight shafts. Shaft material should be considered as well. Most kayak paddles have shafts made out of fiberglass or carbon fiber. 

Aluminum-made shafts are also popular among kayakers. Some shafts come with scales as well as adjustable length options. 

Nowadays, shafts allow you to dismantle the paddle into several parts for easier carrying.

  • Grip:

A kayak paddle should have proper grips for added comfort. They also prevent the paddle from slipping from your hands. 

Eva foam grips are a rarity on most kayak paddles these days, but the regular foam grips they come with will serve just fine.

  • Angle:

Paddling style can be divided into two angles, high and low. High angle kayakers paddle a bit more aggressively than low angle paddlers. 

Low angle paddlers paddle in a more relaxed fashion. It is completely up to you at which angle you prefer to paddle in.

  • Budget:

Having a low budget does not mean you will have to buy a low-quality kayak paddle. 

Low-quality non-brand kayak paddles will not last long and will rust or break after some days of use.

Final Thought

Nowadays, there are thousands of cheap options for kayak paddles, that too with superior quality.

Every kayak paddle listed on the list above is of top-notch quality and may include a unique feature that may interest you. 

Prices are factors that may vary, so they are not mentioned. But you can trust us that they will be within your budget. 

Try to buy a less expensive pedal if you are a beginner-level kayaker. I hope you find the best kayak paddle under 100 dollars. 

Happy hunting, folks!!😊


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