How Do You Paddle a Kayak? – According to Experts Opinions For 2019

Kayaking, the name of most adventurers trip on the water body. But it's not at all an easy task. You need a lot of patience for kayaking because without proper guidance you can't paddle the kayaking. So it's important to know about the how to paddle on a kayak. Today our effort would be to guide you through the paddling system. So that you could successfully land where you intend to go. So let's explore the article.

Basic of paddling a kayak

  • At first, you need to learn the basics about the paddle of the kayak
  • How to control your paddle with efficient stroke
  • The forward stroke and the backward stroke
  • The sweep one, so that you could easily turn away
  • The draw stroke for side bending

So don't jump directly without practicing. Because kayak seems easy, but it's far more difficult. Its main theme is to keep the boat straight and keep practicing those tactics until you master in those techniques. It would be easy if your boat has a rudder. You could easily fell the rudder in water and could practice. Keep in mind; practice makes a man perfect.

The technique of holding your paddle

Holding your paddle is an essential section of kayaking. And your paddle must be perfect for kayaking. So you need to choose first your paddle. And your paddle is the main gear of your kayaking. Paddles length, height weight, depends on the body fitness of you. And then still you can't find the perfect one for you, you can ask the paddle shop, for the right one for you. There play four essential things for your paddle

  • the shape of the blade of the paddle,
  • holding the edges properly,
  • the grip of the shaft, and
  • where to give relax your hands.

Paddle blades

The blade of the paddle plays a vital role in paddling. You need to look for the paddles which are parallel or not. Look for the feathered one. This one will help you to confirm your continuity in paddling. So make sure your paddle is parallel.

Shaft should be adjusted

You should adjust the balance of the shaft. Your hand and elbow should be an angle of 90 degrees. So you need to practice holding the rod.

Grip should be relaxed

Relaxing your hand could give your hands and elbows relax from frazzling. It will provide you extra power for paddling. So you need to give rest to your hands. And give your fingers a rest also.

Forth stroke

It is the primary principal stroke for paddling. You need to give your muscle power here for the forward movement. So you need to know all the forth implements for farther information.

Hold phase

You need to revolve the body of the paddle in the water and put it forward to your feet. So you need to hold the paddle.

The power one

Rotate the body of the paddle behind your back. And you need to put pressure on the paddle. Try to push the blade against the shaft. You need to put your concentration here.

Release one

A blade should be sliced out of the water. So that it will reach behind your back. So it needs some technique for this release blade phase.

Technical issues

Use your strong muscle for paddling, due to the possibility of hurting down to your weak muscle in a while. It may cause injury to your muscles. So be careful while using your muscles.

How to paddle faster

Move the blade in a vertical way. It will make the paddling faster. So try to use this technique.


Try to hold the blade upright. This technique will help you to gain the efficiency.

Opposite stroke

If you ever struck down, the reverse stroke will help you to sort it out from there. The reverse phrase consists of three phases. The power phase, the drop phase, and the release phrase. All these steps are just a technique to save you from the stuck position of the kayak. And you could easily protect yourself from this position. Just take the big and wide sweep, so that you could touch all the clock of your arc through this sweep.

Draw stroke

This stroke will help you for moving from sideways. This stroke is mainly used for the one, who is trying to get near to another boat.

Horizontally rotate the blade. The blade should be swift in an angel way. Use your hand so that the blade will come near to you. And take some draw strokes until you reach near to another boat.

Issues related to safety

If your paddle struck or hit the boat, don't try to act smart about the blade. Cause it could slightly bend to one side and could overturn your boat. So be calm and relaxed during the paddling. And try to follow all the above techniques, because only technique could save you from kayaking the boat. As the boats are so much sensitive, so try to be gentle with them. And they would also react like this. So we tried to give you some suggestions from tons of ideas regarding paddling in a kayak. Try to follow the phrase for paddling.

Because the forward stroke, reverse stroke, and sweep stroke would be a handful important thing for you. Try to follow the rule of holding the paddle, because holding a paddle also helps you for the perfect kayaking. Use the simple techniques so that you could relax your hand. It could save your hands from getting sore. You have to try playing gently and try choosing the perfect paddle for your kayaking. We mentioned some techniques so that it feels you simple in paddling. It would be better if you can follow the techniques for holding your grip, holding your paddle and so on. So I hope by reading this article you got some idea about paddling and strokes. Be safe, be simple in kayaking. And don't forget to wear your life jacket. Keep enjoying your kayaking.


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