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Best Kayak Paddles Reviews & Buying Guide

Top 10 Best Kayak Paddles Reviews and Buying Guide – 2018!

Best Kayak Paddles Reviews & Buying Guide – 2018!

If you love adventure and waterfalls, then kayaking is a pretty good option. However, you don’t need to be on the streaming waterfalls to use the kayak. You can use the kayak in the soft water and glide through slowly or sit on it and fish if you want. Whatever you do, to keep your kayak floating the right way and move, you inevitably require owning the best kayak paddles. So, if you want to find out the best rated kayak paddles, then you’re at the right place. Just bare with me to uncover the best paddles for your kayak.

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Comparison Table Of Top 10 Best Kayak Paddle

Paddle Rating Shaft Best used for Length and Weight Latest prices
Werner Camano Premium Fiberglass 4.9 out of 5 stars carbon blend carbon and fiberglass Mid-sized Check latest prices
Shoreline Marine Kayak Paddle 4.2 out of 5 stars aluminum starters 96 ” high & small Check latest prices
SeaSense X-1 Kayak Paddle 4.4 out of 5 stars aluminum entertainment 84″ Check latest prices
SeaSense 8690 X-1 Unified Marine Kayak Paddle 4.4 out of 5 stars aluminum perfect for kids 96″ Check latest prices
Curved Kayak Paddle 4.2 out of 5 stars aluminum inexpensive 7’8 8’8 2lb 4oz Check latest prices
Carlisle Taboo Up 3.7 out of 5 stars best quality aluminum standing paddle 82″ 4.2lbs Check latest prices
Carlisle Expedition Angler Fiberglass 4.9 out of 5 stars fiberglass control easily 90″ Check latest prices
BKC UH-KP224 86″ Kayak Paddles 4.4 out of 5 stars Aluminum sturdy and equipped 86″ Check latest prices
Bending Branches Angler Classic 4.9 out of 5 stars fiberglass retrieval landing large fishes variety of sizes Check latest prices
Attwood Asymmetrical Kayak Paddles 4.4 out of 5 stars Aluminum touring and fishing 84″ Check latest prices

Guide To Buying The Best Kayak Paddles

To pick the best kayak paddles from the numerous number of possibilities out there is as hard as finding a needle from the haystack. Maybe, it is even more challenging if you don’t know what you are looking. Like whether you need the best paddle for kayak fishing or the one that might be perfect for those kayak adventure rides. There are certain factors you need to be aware of to make the right paddle choice. And if you are not aware of them then this guide will get you up and run in no time. Here are the following things that you need to consider before buying your kayak paddle:

Covered In This ArticleComparison Table Of Top 10 Best Kayak PaddleGuide To Buying The Best Kayak Paddles1. Paddle length2. Paddling style3. Low angle paddling4. High angle paddling5. Kayak Size6. Paddle Blade Material7. Carbon Fiber8. Fiberglass9. Other10. Blade design11. ShaftsTop 10 Best Kayak Paddle 2018.1. Werner Camano Premium Fiberglass2. SeaSense X-1 Kayak Paddle3. SeaSense 8690 X-1 Unified Marine Kayak Paddle4. Carlisle Taboo Stand Up5. Bending Branches Angler Classic6. Carlisle Expedition Angler Fiberglass7. BKC UH-KP224 86″ Kayak Paddles8. Attwood Asymmetrical Kayak Paddles9. Curved Kayak Paddle10. Shoreline Marine Kayak PaddleFinal Verdict

1. Paddle length

There is no doubt whatsoever that you need to find the correct paddle length for kayaking. Usually, the paddles come in a variety of lengths to support all types of users. Most of those paddles range between 210 to 260 centimeters. Now to get the right length paddle for yourself, you need to check a couple of things first. For instance, the paddler needs to consider factors like his or her height, to begin with. Besides that, you also require knowing the measurements of your kayak to pick the right type of paddle. And last but also a factor that you can’t ignore is the paddling style. You have to tick all these boxes to find the most comfortable kayak paddles. One important tip, the taller you are, the longer paddles you should look for.

2. Paddling style

As you already know, paddling style is a key factor while choosing the best fishing kayak paddle. For your knowledge, there are two types of paddling style most kayaker use. Either you go for the low angle paddling, or you prefer the high angle paddling.

3. Low angle paddling

Those who love the peaceful nature and move through the water with peace prefer this type of paddling. Usually, low angle paddling means slower cadence. The blade is used at a flatter angle to move through the water in a relaxing way. The best kayak paddles for this type of paddlers come with thin blades.

4. High angle paddling

This is the type of paddling that is more seen among the daredevil kayakers. The high angle style is the complete opposite of low angle paddling. Because the cadence is faster and more aggressive. So, for this type of paddling, you require slightly shorter paddles than low angle paddles for more maneuverability.

5. Kayak Size

Knowing the dimension of your ride is also quite significant to your quest for finding the best kayak paddles. There is a broad range of kayaks in the market to satisfy every type of kayakers. You got a recreational kayak for those who love fishing or moving around in the water. Then there are your performance kayaks for those adrenaline junkies. And also there is something called the whitewater kayak and touring kayak too. Now the recreational kayaks are quite wide but shorter. On the other hand, a typical performance kayak is longer with less width.

The touring kayaks are the combination of both performance and recreational kayaks as they are both long and wide. Now, recreational kayakers need to choose their paddles based on the width of their kayak. The greater the width, the longer the paddle in size. But for a touring kayaker, they need to consider the paddling style. And a whitewater kayaker, the size of the person himself is the most important factor while choosing the kayak paddle.

6. Paddle Blade Material

The best kayak paddles are built using the materials that provide comfort, easy maneuvering and of course affordability. The combination of this features is what you need to search for the blade material to get the right kind of paddle. Obviously, for a novice taking all these little things in the account may be hard. Therefore, choose any paddles built using the below materials.

7. Carbon Fiber

One of the most durable and lightweight material out there is the carbon fiber. These characteristics make it one of the top choices among most kayakers. However, the material in prospect is quite expensive than others. But those who need to paddle a lot during a trip won’t be bothered by the price as it takes less strength to paddle using a carbon fiber paddle.

8. Fiberglass

If you can’t afford to pay a lot of money for a paddle then consider the fiberglass kayak paddle. It might not be as durable as the carbon fiber, but still, it can withstand heavy current and contacts with rocks. The colorful blades also make them quite exceptional than another type of paddle blades. Besides, quite perfect for recreational purpose so it can be considered as the best fishing kayak paddle.

9. Other

The best kind of kayak paddles are made using the carbon or fiberglass material. However, if you are looking for something cheaper than the last resort is Aluminum, Nylon or Plastic materials. They are sturdy but Weighty. Also, they are sturdy but tend to damage easier than their counterparts. Perfect for recreational activity but not for those adventure trips.

Best Kayak Paddles Reviews & Buying Guide 2017

10. Blade design

Shape: The obvious choice for the best kayak paddles design in form is the asymmetrical dihedral shape. This model replicates the aircraft wing, and the goal is the same. It allows the water flow smoothly on each side of the blade. This way it takes less energy to paddle. So, make sure to choose this pattern design over those old symmetrical blades.

Feathering: Another design the fact that you need to examine is whether you want a feathered kayak paddle blade or one without the feather. Both are great. However, the feathered blade has some positive points that paddlers might enjoy. For instance, you might get less wrist fatigue using the feathered blade as it overcomes wind resistance. It makes your paddling more efficient and obviously with less burnout. So, keep an open mind while picking best paddle for kayak fishing

11. Shafts

The shaft or the handle of the paddle is also an important part that you can’t overlook. After all, you need to hold the paddle, and it doesn’t matter how good the paddle is if it doesn’t feel ok holding. In the market, you will get two type of shafts. One is the straight design and the other one with some bent. Both are great depending on the purpose of the paddles used. If you are more into adventure stuff, then the straight shaft design might come handier. And if you like roaming around lazily then go for the bent rods. The most crucial part is whether you feel okay holding the shaft and paddling without any issues.

Top 10 Best Kayak Paddle 2018.

1. Werner Camano Premium Fiberglass

The Werner Camano Premium Fiberglass paddle is the rockstar of kayak paddles. And the paddle reigns supreme due to its premium quality. To begin with, the blade of the paddle is constructed using fiberglass material. So, it weighs less and also durable in nature. They kept the blade mid-sized to accommodate most paddlers need. The blade has a dihedral shape. It’s the signature design of Werner as it gives you swift and stable strokes as it cuts nicely through the water.

So, if you require rowing faster, you can easily do that. The shaft of the paddle is straight which is perfect. It’s made using carbon blend to keep the overall paddle as feather light as possible. The grip you get is good and more importantly feels great holding the shaft.

Best Kayak Paddles Reviews & Buying Guide 2017

And it gets even better as the blades come in a variety of colors, so it also a treat for the eyes. Also, traveling with it is quite easy as it breaks down into two pieces. So, storing it won’t be an issue. The stability, power, and compactness make it certainly one of the best kayak paddles in the market.

Key Features

  • Constructed using the combination of premium quality materials like carbon and fiberglass.
  • Straight shaft.
  • Mid-sized paddle blade.
  • Comes with 7 different colored blades.
  • It is a 2 piece paddle.
  • Comes in a variety of sizes.


  • It is lightweight.
  • The paddle fits most kayakers.
  • The blade is durable.
  • Perfect for using longer hours without fatigue issues.
  • Suitable for touring and also best paddle for kayak fishing.
  • The paddle has a sturdy design.


  • There is nothing negative about it. The only possible negative is that it isn’t suitable for every budget. But it is reasonably priced considering its quality.
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: Does the paddle float on water?

A: For a few couple of minutes, it will float on the surface of the water. But after a time the paddle loses its buoyancy. So, if the paddle gets out of your hand, you have enough time to retreat it as it will float.

The brand Werner lives up to its reputation with the Camano Premium Fiberglass paddle. It provides kayakers with a stable, efficient and a superior kayak paddle. Just get yourself one and start exploring the water in a fun way.

2. SeaSense X-1 Kayak Paddle

For those who are looking for an economical solution should examine the SeaSense X-1 kayak paddle as an option. Obviously, if you compare it with the previous paddle, it costs next to nothing. But don’t underestimate it just because of its low-cost. The X-1 is a well-built paddle. The SeaSense offers a 2 piece aluminum constructed shaft for easy transportation and storage. And quite surprisingly the paddle is still lightweight considering the material used to build it.

The shaft is straight and not bent, so most users are comfortable holding it. Also, the foam grips give you a secure hold on the paddle. Then you have the drip guards to keep waters dropping to your hands to make sure you are always in control. For the blade material, they went with plastic.

SeaSense X-1 Kayak Paddle Review

​So, it glides effortlessly through the water. Besides, the blades are adjustable to 3 different positions. It gives the kayakers chance to set it up to their liking to suit their padding style.

Key Features

  • Lightweight aluminum structure.
  • Featherweight plastic blades.
  • It has 2 piece construction.
  • Comes with drip guards.
  • Foam rubber grips for better control.
  • Floats on the water.


  • Reasonable for all type of budget.
  • Suitable for longer hours of paddling.
  • Sturdy enough to take blows.
  • Suits every paddling style.
  • Offers exceptional handling.


  • A bit heavier due to the materials used to build it.
  • Slightly complicated to take it apart.
  • Not functional for adventure sports kayaking.
  • For taller people, the paddle isn’t the best choice.
  • Comes in only black color.
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: Are the blades adjustable?

A: Yes, you can adjust the edges to your needs. It has 3 different lock positions to adapt to your paddling form. Just change the angles of the blade and see if it accommodates your requirements.

Q: Which type of kayaking activities is best for it?​

A: For entertainment, this is one of the best kayak paddles. But for sports and other adventures, you should look for other prospects.​

At the end of the day, you won’t find any better entry level paddle than the SeaSense X-1. It might not have the fancy features of a Warner paddle, but it does the business in a quite and exceptional fashion. Perfect for starters in kayaking and those who have a tight budget.

3. SeaSense 8690 X-1 Unified Marine Kayak Paddle

Another SeaSense product in contention. It’s the 8690 X-1 Unified Marine Kayak Paddle. From price point to features it is quite similar to the X-1 Kayak Paddle. For instance, like its predecessor, it has an aluminum construction. So, it has a quite a stable structure and doesn’t feel flimsy at all like those other paddles that comes in the same price range. The blades are also made using the molded black plastic.

Therefore, it cuts through the water like a hot knife through the butter. It has the same straight shaft. And like the X-1 the shaft has both drip guards and foam rubber grips. So, while paddling, you get a comfortable grip to maneuver the paddle itself without any problem. Meanwhile, your hands are dry, so the paddle doesn’t slip away. 

SeaSense 8690 X-1 Unified Marine Kayak Paddle Review

The buoyancy characteristics, however, makes sure that if it slips for any unfortunate reason, you don’t have to worry that it will sink.Moreover, it is almost an identical paddle like the SeaSense X-1 in every possible sense.But there is a significant difference that anyone can distinguish, and that is its size. The SeaSense 8690 is 96-inch in length. So, it is entirely appropriate for those taller kayakers.

Key Features

  • Solid aluminum structure.
  • Sturdy straight shaft.
  • Comfortable foam grips on the shaft.
  • Comes with adjustable drip guards.
  • Separates into 2 pieces.


  • Ideal for those big frame kayakers.
  • The paddle weighs low to offer better flexibility.
  • Quite stern for an aluminum paddle.
  • The price point is quite affordable.
  • Kids can also use it as it’s quite lightweight.
  • Can generate quicker cadence thanks to its easy maneuverability.


  • The paddle is not suitable for harsh environment use.
  • A decent paddle but not exceptional.
  • The blade is dreadful to look at.
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: Is the SeaSense 8690 X-1 Unified Marine Kayak Paddle easy to handle?

A: The SeaSense 8690 X-1 surprisingly quite easy to handle. Usually, the aluminum paddles are slightly heavier which makes them a bit trickier to move. But the 8690 X-1 is nothing like those other paddles as it requires almost no effort to move around.

The SeaSense Unified Marine is one of the best paddles for fishing kayak and recreation purpose. Undeniably, the best paddle in this price range out there. Might not cost hundred of bucks, but does more than those expensive paddles.

4. Carlisle Taboo Stand Up

Next on the line is an exceptional piece of equipment from Carlisle. It is the Carlisle Taboo. A two piece kayak paddle that is easy to carry anywhere. It offers an upright shaft that is constructed using the best quality aluminum. And the blades of the paddle are made from polypropylene. So, as you can imagine the kayak paddle manages the weight issue to offer more convenience to the users. But the most exciting part about the Carlisle Taboo is that it is not only a sitting kayak paddle but can also be used as a standing paddle.

This feature really makes it a wild card as people using paddleboards will benefit from this. But that’s not all as this paddle is suitable for both taller and smaller framed users. That is because the paddle comes with 2 different t-grips. One is 72 inch in length, and the other extends more as that one is 10 inches longer.

Carlisle Taboo Review

The push-button adjustments let you change the t-grips in a single push without any problem. However, the t-grip handle changes will only benefit the stand-up paddlers as the kayak paddle length is fixed at 230 cm. Also, the entire structure of the paddle is quite sturdy still being and exchangeable gear which is quite a positive sign. The blade of the paddle is flat in design. Therefore, it isn’t the best option for sporty kayakers as paddling power is substandard. Also, the paddle doesn’t flow on the water more than 2 or 3 minutes. But the dual functionality at a reasonable price makes it quite a catch.

Key Features

  • It is both kayak and paddleboard paddle.
  • The paddle shaft is made from aluminum.
  • Durable polypropylene blades.
  • Two T-grip handles.
  • For standup use on the paddleboard, it offers 72 inches and 82-inch paddles.
  • Single push button adjustment system.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Hybrid paddle.
  • Durable straight shaft.
  • High-impact blades for extreme use.
  • The paddle is easy to carry.
  • Well manufactured gear as everything fits properly.
  • Comes within a reasonable price limit.
  • The snap off system is super quick and efficient.


  • Heavier than most paddles.
  • Paddling power is suboptimal.
  • Paddle sinks in water after a couple of minutes.
  • The handle heats up in the sun.
  • Comes in only black color.
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: Does the paddle float on water?

A: For a minute or so it might be visible on the water. But unlike other paddles, it quickly sinks if you don’t retreat it in time.

Q: How to provide buoyancy to the paddle?

A: Get yourself the foam noodle and slip that on the shaft to make it float on the water.

Q: Do the parts of the paddles come apart while using?

A: The quality of production of this gear is of the highest caliber. Every piece of the paddle fits perfectly and doesn’t come apart while paddling or due to any sort of bumps.​

The Carlisle Taboo is a versatile piece of paddling equipment. It has different uses and is built in a way to last forever. There might be other paddles better than this in many ways, but the multi-functional use of it makes it a real winner.

5. Bending Branches Angler Classic

In search of the best kayak paddles if you still didn’t encounter the best fishing kayak paddle then take a look at this Bending Branches gear. The Angler Classic from the company is the ultimate kayak fishing paddle. And that is because the paddle offers features such as hook retrieval system or the tape measurement. This type of specific features really makes it the perfect kayak fishing paddle.

The regular aspects of the gear are also quite excellent. For starter, the shaft is built using the lightweight fiberglass material. And as you know it is one of the best materials for constructing the paddles. Because you won’t be exhausted paddling using it as it weighs less. Also, they kept the shaft straight as an arrow for making it suitable for most kayakers.But there is more. 

Bending Branches Angler Classic Review

To allow anglers size up their rewards, Bending Branches incorporated built-in measuring system on the fiberglass shaft. Also, the shaft comes with heavy duty drip rings to keep kayakers hands dry from the water drips. Now coming to the blade part of the paddle. The blade is a mix of fiberglass and nylon. This way it is durable enough to take hits of rock bumps and light enough to easily glide through the water. Also, it is quite cost effective which makes it even more impressive. But the most eye-catching characteristic about the blade is its hook retrieval design. Anyone who loves kayak fishing will appreciate this little detail.

Key Features

  • Light fiberglass blades.
  • Hook retrieval feature on the blade.
  • Sturdy fiberglass shaft.
  • The handle has drip guards.
  • Measurement system on the paddle shaft.
  • Breaks into 2 piece.


  • The paddle is quite lightweight as it is built using fiberglass.
  • The hook retrieval is perfect for landing large fishes.
  • The blade is able to take hits.
  • The tape measure offers both centimeters and inches for measuring the catch.
  • The blade comes in three variety of colors.
  • Perfect for wide kayaks.


  • It is an entry level paddle. Not suitable for extreme sports.
  • Reasonably priced but still might be out of most kayakers budget.
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: Is the paddle proper for taller people?

A: The Angler Classic comes in a variety of sizes. So, it suits both taller and shorter people alike.

Q: Does the shaft comes in aluminum?

A: No. All the BB Angler Classic comes with a fiberglass shaft. It doesn’t use any other material to construct the shaft.

If you are looking for the best paddle for a fishing kayak, then the BB Angler Classic is the one. It is a moderately priced entry level paddle with enough features to serve the anglers. And most importantly if you want to make America great again then this is the right product as it is 100% USA manufactured product.

6. Carlisle Expedition Angler Fiberglass

Another best-rated kayak paddle out there for anglers is the Carlisle Expedition. It’s a relatively economical choice that you should consider. The black shaft with olive bladed paddle might look simple, but there is more to it than meets the eye. To start with, it is one of the lightest kayak paddles in the market. That is due to the fiberglass construction which is used for both the shaft and the blades.

It helped Carlisle to keep the paddle in a minimal weight. And this opens up a whole new world for the kayakers as it is impeccable for extended touring. You can easily paddle for hours without feeling any strains on your shoulder.

Carlisle Expedition Angler Fiberglass Review

The blade is also remarkable in every sense. It provides exceptional power through paddling which makes it fun to row. For those who are seeking paddle for kayak fishing will be glad getting this one. Because you can glide through water gently using it without disturbing the fishes. But if you require paddling aggressively, the Carlisle Expedition is also up to the mark.

Key Features

  • Available in three lengths.
  • Fiberglass shaft for firmness.
  • Durable fiberglass blades.
  • It breaks down into 2 pieces.
  • Remarkably lightweight.


  • It has a sleek design.
  • The paddle is easy to take apart.
  • Super lightweight like carbon paddles.
  • Overall rigid structure.
  • It offers effortless paddling.
  • Generates good enough power through cadence.
  • The paddle comes in a variety of length.
  • Good for sporting events.


  • It isn’t an economical option.
  • Very little features for the price.
  • Only one color option.
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: Is the paddle durable?

A: The Carlisle Expedition Angler is quite durable in nature. It will hold nicely against hit. It might seem that it will break down but in reality, it won’t. That is why it is also perfect for extreme use like adventure kayaking.

Q: Is the paddle is to use?​

A: It is an absolute pleasure to use the paddle. Being quite lightweight anyone can control the paddle easily. And paddling using takes a little effort. You won’t be breathing heavily after a couple of minutes paddling with it as it feels like gliding through the cloud.​

All in all, the Expedition Angler exceeds all expectation. It is light and quick with the water. But more importantly, it can take the abuse from all types of obstacles with grace. A mild and effective option for all those kayak fishing lovers. You just need to be slightly open minded with your wallet to own one.

7. BKC UH-KP224 86″ Kayak Paddles

The BKC UH-KP224 is another kayak paddle for every budget. However, being cheap doesn’t make it an inferior product as its manufacturing quality is of the highest essence. And the features also compete with the most expensive paddles around the market. Like it is quite the lightweight kind of paddle. For an aluminum paddle that is really impressive. And you can’t forget about the durability of the paddle.

Both the handle and the blade of the paddle is durable. Besides that, you get the drip guards to keep your hands dry and keep a firm hold on the shaft. The shaft itself disassembles into 2 pieces for easy storing.

BKC UH-KP224 86" Kayak Paddles Review

Also, it makes it simpler to move around too. Then there are your three position locking systems, which offers the users to adjust the blade to their liking. So, if you need to change paddling style, you can just adjust the angles slightly.

Key Features

  • Aluminum constructed shaft.
  • Plastic molded blades.
  • Three different angle position settings.
  • Feathered blades.
  • Comfortable grip system.


  • Easy to handle.
  • Lightweight kind of paddle.
  • Perfect for longer use.
  • Blades move through water swiftly.
  • It has a competitive price.


  • It doesn’t fit properly.
  • Hard to assemble.
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: Is it a single piece?

A: No. It breaks into two pieces for easy storage.

Q: Is it suitable for kids?

A: The paddle isn’t that long and weighs very low so kids can use it. However, you should still ask them if they feel comfortable with it.

The BKC UH-KP224 86″ Kayak Paddles is an excellent piece of kayaking equipment. It is sturdy and equipped with useful features to offer the ultimate kayaking experience.

8. Attwood Asymmetrical Kayak Paddles

Most lower priced kayak paddles are flimsy and get damaged within the first few days of use. But not the Attwood Asymmetrical kayak paddle. For an inexpensive kayaking equipment, it is sturdy enough to take slight bumps on the way. Besides that, the other characteristics of the paddle also stand out. Like the straight handle of the paddle is perfect as it offers comfortable grip to the kayakers. Even if it rains heavily while you are riding your kayak, you will be always in charge as the grip is impeccable.

Then there are your standard drip guards for the shaft. So, you never have to worry about water coming down to your hands running through the handle. Also, the padded grips on the handle help it keep cool even in hot sunny weathers. This feature really comes handy when the sun is right above the head as most of the times it is impossible to hold the shaft due to the heat. 

Attwood Asymmetrical Kayak Paddles Review

But the story doesn’t end there as you can take it apart in two pieces if you require. Plus, it provides kayakers to customize angle position to their likings. Now, it has become a pretty standard feature among paddles, but in most cases, the fitting isn’t as tight as this ones. This 7-foot long kayak paddle comes with Asymmetrical Spoon blades. The edges are shaped this way to improve the stroke execution of the paddle. Therefore, novice kayakers would love it as it glides through the water like lightning. Also, the blade design makes sure it doesn’t make a lot of noise while paddling. Now the paddling sound might not be annoying to you, but if you are kayak fishing, then it really works more for your prey rather than you.

Key Features

  • It is a 7-foot long paddle.
  • Comfortable foam grips on the handle.
  • The two-piece design allows many angles.
  • The shaft includes drip rings.
  • The solid shaft which is built using aluminum.


  • The blades offer fast paddling.
  • Noise levels are minimum while rowing.
  • It has no weight at all.
  • The long paddle makes it perfect for wide kayaks.
  • Soft foam grips protect from the heating issues of the handle.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • It has very few features.
  • Just a starter paddle.
  • Perfect for touring purpose but not for extreme use.
  • Comes in a single color.
  • The design of the paddle is dreadful.
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: Can kids use this paddle?

A: The answer is negative. It is 7 feet long. Therefore, it might be hard for kids to handle. However, teenagers can easily get the hang of it.

Q: Can it be used for adventure kayaking?

A: The Attwood Asymmetrical is one of the best kayak paddles but specifically for touring and kayak fishing. If you want something sporty, then look for other alternatives.​

The Attwood paddle is certainly a catch if you examine all its quality. It has everything that you need from a good paddle and even more. Might have some lackings but the price tag really covers those lackings.

9. Curved Kayak Paddle

The curved kayak paddle from TRAC-Outdoor Products is an excellent paddle. First of all, it comes in two different sizes. Therefore, it covers the problem of different height users. Then there is the part of a quality product which it is for sure. The aluminum shaft provides users with a firm handle to hold on. Also, it makes sure you have a solid base for the paddle. But the most extraordinary thing about it is that unlike other aluminum based paddles it doesn’t come with a lot of baggage.

It is light as the feather which makes kayakers life quite easy. Then there is the actual blade that is on the business end. The edges are composed of the light and durable fiberglass and polypropylene materials.

Curved Kayak Paddle Review

So, it is swift in the water which every kayaker wants and also robust enough to take those unwanted hits while rowing. And after you are done exploring the water, you can break it down and store it easily as it is a two-piece equipment. Also, it offers various feather settings which are also great. But the most absurd part is that it comes with a 2-year warranty which makes it quite the show stopper among pro and beginner kayak lovers alike.

Key Features

  • The handle has drip guards.
  • It has comfortable hand grips.
  • Breaks into 2 piece for an ultimate storage solution.
  • Push button feather management settings.
  • Offers 2 years of warranty.


  • Well built aluminum shaft.
  • Ultra lightweight design.
  • Swift lightweight paddle blades.
  • Durable blades.
  • It is inexpensive.
  • Comes in two sizes.


  • The blade flutters which is annoying.
  • The blade shape reduces efficiency.
  • The build quality is subpar.
  • The paddle sizes are wrong.
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: Does the Curved Kayak Paddle float?

A: For your information, it floats on water. If you somehow drop it, you can retreat it as it doesn’t sink the minute you drop it. However, it is unknown whether it sinks at any time or not.

Q: Can the paddles be adjusted?

A: Yes, the Curved kayak paddles are adjustable. It has three different angle position so you can adjust it to your requirements.

Q: What does the cut on the blade do?

A: The little cuts are made to use it to grab and pull your kayak.​

For leisure activities like kayak fishing or a tour on the water, the curved kayak paddle is more than perfect. It is well built and works well on the water. And most importantly it is suitable to most kayakers budget.

10. Shoreline Marine Kayak Paddle

Without any doubt at all, the Shoreline Marine Kayak Paddle is the best kayak paddles for starters in the kayaking world. And there are a million reasons that tell you that. To begin with, the paddle is priced slightly on the lower end. There are paddles with less quality and features out in the market which charges double the price. It is 96 inch in length, and that is considered the perfect size as both high and small frame users can get comfortable using it.

The overall paddle is light enough to not put a lot of strain on the shoulder. Therefore, you are assured of getting fatigue-free riding experience which is always a big plus.

Shoreline Marine Kayak Paddle Review

You get contour molded blades with this Marine paddle. Now for your knowledge, it propels like none of your business which is a great feeling for paddlers. But that’s not all. This lower priced kayak paddle can take the hit. If you are feeling for aggressive paddling, then don’t shy away as it won’t get damaged so easily like other paddles.

Key Features

  • The paddle can be customized in three different positions.
  • Comes with the standard drip guard system on the handle.
  • Foam grips for better handling.
  • It breaks down into pieces for easy transportation.


  • The design is great.
  • It is a bargain.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Foam grip comes handy in hot weather.
  • Generates power due to the molded blades.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.


  • The paddle is a bit flimsy.
  • The manufacturing quality isn’t of highest quality.
  • It isn’t very sturdy in extreme conditions.
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: Does the paddle has buoyancy?

A: It has no floating ability at all. If you drop the paddle on water, it will sink right before your eyes in seconds. Therefore, it is advised to use a leash with the paddle.

Q: What material is used to make the paddle?

A: This particular kayak paddle is made using aluminum and plastic. The shaft is made of aluminum, and the blade of the paddle is plastic.

At the end of the day, the Shoreline Marine is an inexpensive piece of kayaking equipment which works perfectly. It might not be the last best kayak paddles, but for that price, you will hardly find anything close to this quality.

Final Verdict

You have reached the end of the line, and indeed, on this journey, you found about the best kayak paddles in the business. You now know what to look for in a paddle. However, if you are feeling overwhelmed with all these information, then you can only go with any of the kayak paddles above. There is a variety of paddles with some great qualities. Also, there is one for every budget as you can see from the best kayak paddles reviews. So, you can either go for them or employ the things you have learned to find the perfect paddle for your kayak. Hopefully, you won’t be complaining about your paddle not being the right kind.